Fifteen of My Favorite Feelings (As Told by My Instagram Feed)

1. When I wake up too early on a Sunday, but there’s soft light filtering through the blinds, so I get up to watch the sunrise, drink coffee, and listen to the silence before the rest of the world wakes up.

2. When someone plays with my hair, running their fingers smoothly from the base of my temples all the way to the ends. If I could afford to pay someone to do my hair everyday, I would in a heartbeat.

3. Falling asleep to cartoons. It’s weird that this has become a favorite of mine, because it’s not something I did as a kid but something I picked up from Dallas. His comforts have become my comforts, I guess.

4. Driving while the sun rises behind me.

5. When a song I’d completely forgotten existed comes on the radio and I still know every single word.

6. Finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly…and they’re on sale.

7. Crying so hard that you think you’ll never breathe again…and then taking a deep breath.

8. When my stomach drops while taking off on a plane. I remember hating that feeling the first time I flew because it scared me, but the more I travel the more the fear turns into excitement.

9. Listening to live music and feeling infinitely young. Discovering a new artist live, rather than online or on the radio feels so much more authentic.

10. Being inside during a storm and not having anywhere I have to be.

11. The smell of changing seasons in the air.

12. Exploring somewhere new.

13. Waking up with perfectly messy hair.

14. When someone tucks my hair behind my ears, or kisses my forehead lightly.

15. The light pressure of someone else’s fingertips on my skin.

Comment your favorite feeling below. Or let me know if any of mine are also yours. xo


Author: Jordana Bennett

Austin, Texas native. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. Part-time stylist & writer, full-time mama. Forever in love with my husband Dallas, our son Emerson, nature, traveling, pugs, caffeine, literature, wining and dining.

2 thoughts on “Fifteen of My Favorite Feelings (As Told by My Instagram Feed)”

  1. The spark that ignites when reading your college roommates well written blog post! Since the day I met you, you’ve opened my eyes wider than I ever could have dreamed. Thank you for keeping magic alive in the “little things” through out life’s chaotic journey.
    You leave people better than when you found them. I’m forever grateful of that.

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